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GIANT washers and dryers for your biggest to smallest fabric cleaning needs, with emphasis on a clean environment and most advanced services.  

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Maytag-Mega, Dexter-Giant, Wascomat, Speed Queen and Maytag-Double Load Plus Washers.  Credit Cards or Cash at Baldwin WI Giant Wash Laundromat 54002

We offer a clean, fast and easy self-service environment open 24 hours.

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Biggest Load and Machine Variety, Redundant State-Of-The-Art services, Safe & Clean 24-Hour Availability, Quiet Folding Room - Great results!

Clean - Fast - Easy - 24 x 7

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Giant Wash Laundry LLC
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TIPS! Each page has a collection of Fabric-cleaning suggestions.  

Fabric Cleaning Tips #1: 

To clean very soiled fabrics; pre-spot the noticeable spots with Shout and pre-soak, then use an Extended Wash Cycle on modern front-loading washer, like those in our Laundromat.  Use a normal amount of detergent, (less-is-more) and one scoop of OxiClean for a great result.  Always use 'he' (High Efficiency) detergent for your modern day fabric cleaning needs.

Fabric Cleaning Tips #2: 

Modern Front-Loading washers can be 75% full (thumb-up fist above fabrics) for an effective wash result.  Dryers can only be loaded half-full of damp fabrics to be effective. (Top-load washers are less effective and handle smaller loads.)

Fabric Cleaning Tips #3: 

Modern powdered detergents do not dissolve properly when the water temperature is less than 65 degrees, so a warm water cycle maybe necessary.  Use cold water detergent, a liquid, or a non-detergent, like Woolite, for cold water washes.

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