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Fabric Cleaning Tips #7: 

What the best fabric softener?  If you feel you need to use a fabric softener; liquid softener in the washers spin cycle is better because it neutralizes excess detergent for a more effective rinse cycle.  I like Snuggle liquid the best.

Fabric Cleaning Tips #8: 

Synthetic materials are strong but melt at a relatively low temperature. The high setting in a Laundromat commercial dryer is 160 degrees which can be too hot for synthetic fabrics; cottons can take the heat. 

Fabric Cleaning Tips #9: 

Dryers need heat and air movement to effectively dry fabrics, limit either of these and additional dry time will be needed.  The clothes or fabrics can only fill two thirds of the dryer drum for an effective and efficient result.

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Fabric Cleaning Tips #1: 

To clean very soiled fabrics; pre-spot the noticeable spots with Shout and pre-soak, then use an Extended Wash Cycle on modern front-loading washers like those in our Laundromat.  Use a normal amount of detergent, less-is-more, and add one scoop of OxiClean to the front-loading washer for a great result.  Always use 'he' (High Efficiency) detergent for your modern day fabric cleaning needs.

Fabric Cleaning Tips #2: 

Modern Front-Loading washers can be 80% full, or room for your thumb up fist on top of a loose fabric load, for an effective wash result.  Top loading washers and dryers can only be loaded two thirds full to be effective.   

Fabric Cleaning Tips #3: 

Modern powered detergents do not dissolve properly when the water temperature is less than 65 degrees, which is often the case with winter well-water systems.  Use the washer's warm water cycle, a non-detergent like Woolite or liquids for cold water washes.

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Fabric Cleaning Tips #10: 

Modern front-loading washers have watertight washtubs and need the door left open to dry out between washes

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Fabric Cleaning Tips #4:

Front-load washers are gentler on clothes.

Fabric Cleaning Tips #5: 

Two tennis balls will fluff up 'DOWN' dryer items, like pillows or comforters. 

Fabric Cleaning Tips #6: 

What is the best fabric detergent?  2x Ultra All (ALL).  'All' detergent does not damage protein based fibers, so it is particularly suitable for wool or silk.  'All' detergent also has anti-sudsing agents which is great in modern front-load washers. 

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